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Specialized Security Liability Protection

Given the unpredictable nature of specialized security operations, liability insurance offers essential coverage to protect individuals and firms working in high-risk environments.

As an appointed underwriter of HELP (Hostile Environment Liability Protection), ProFinity Insurance Services offers liability coverage for security firms working domestically or overseas, and construction, healthcare and other professionals working in hostile environments around the world. Our clients benefit from the efficiency and expertise of a proven Lloyd's underwriter and a commitment to same-day service.

Product features:

Imagine these scenarios:


These examples illustrate real-life situations where you could be at risk without the proper liability coverage. Let us provide the protection you need for your high-risk environment.

Target clients

Specialized security 
(domestic & overseas)


Hostile environments 
(e.g. - Middle East, Africa, South America)

Specialized security coverage highlights 

We believe today's specialized security operations require niche, well-rounded coverage to protect themselves from the gamut of exposures they may face in hostile or complex environments. The HELP product provides 24/7 emergency response and crisis-management services, as well as complimentary risk-mitigation services for every insured. Coverage features include:

Ineligible risks

Limits, premium and availability


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