Professional liability for design, engineering and construction

Given the complex nature of design, engineering and construction projects, professional liability insurance provides essential coverage to protect professionals in the event of errors and omissions claims.

ProFinity Insurance Services offers a full-service E&S professional liability solution for small and mid-size enterprise (SME) contractors, construction managers and design/engineering professionals. Our clients benefit from the efficiency and expertise of a proven Lloyd's underwriter and a commitment to same-day service.

Imagine these scenarios: 

  • You were the general contractor for a new office building. A few months after the build was completed, the owner notices some cracking in the walls and files a suit against your firm (the general contractor is often the first party named in any dispute). You followed the architect’s plans exactly, but upon investigation it appears that the architect miscalculated some of the structural loadings. 
  • You are a process engineer and designed the piping to incorporate a skid into an industrial project. The client soon realizes that the overall industrial output is much lower than anticipated and brings a multi-million dollar suit against your firm indicating that the problems are a direct cause of your negligent design.

These examples illustrate real-life situations where you could be at risk without professional liability coverage. We are here to protect you in the event of a claim being brought against you and, providing coverage exists, will indemnify you for your professional errors.

DEC Pro target clients 

(<$100M gross receipts)

  • Artisan contractors
  • At-risk construction managers
  • Customized product fabricators
  • Design/build firms
  • General contractors
  • Steel fabricators/erectors

Engineers/Designers/Construction Managers
(<$10M professional fees)

  • Aviation/nuclear/oil & gas engineers or consultants
  • Construction/project managers
  • Control systems integrators
  • Electrical & lighting engineers
  • Industrial/process engineers
  • Landscape architects/land-use planners
  • Machinery/equipment designers
  • Prototype designers
  • Steel detailers/CAD drafters

DEC Pro coverage highlights

We believe today's design, engineering and construction experts need well-rounded coverage to protect them from the gamut of professional liability exposures they may face. Our program simplifies the process by including built-in ancillary coverage and flexible professional service descriptions. Features include:

  • Broad professional-services definition that can be tailored on a risk-specific basis
  • Built-in coverage for
    • Rectification
    • Pollution
    • Mold
    • First and third-party cyber
  • Automatic additional insured (AI) status for clients to cover their vicarious liability 
  • Occurrence general liability for non-contracting operations
  • Worldwide territory

Limits, premium and availability 

  • Up to $5M limits (primary or excess)
  • $2,500 minimum premium
  • Available in all 50 states

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