Manu Pro
Professional liability for manufacturing experts 

Given the high level of precision required in manufacturing products, professional liability insurance provides essential coverage to protect professionals in the event of errors and omissions claims.

ProFinity Insurance Services offers a full-service E&S professional liability solution for component and end-product manufacturers. Our clients benefit from the efficiency and expertise of a proven Lloyd's underwriter and a commitment to same-day service.

Imagine these scenarios:

  • You a manufacturer of small brackets and you produce a faulty batch that is too thick. Your client incorporates one of your faulty brackets into their production line but it doesn’t work, bringing the whole operation to a standstill. You are sued for the resulting financial loss to your client.
  • You are a manufacturer of small pumps. Your pumps are used as a component of a client’s end product and are shipped to their customers. The client’s customers realize that the product is not working because of a manufacturing error relating to the pump. Your client has to recall all of their products and tries to subrogate the loss against you due to your error.

These examples illustrate real-life situations where you could be at risk without professional liability coverage. We are here to protect you in the event of a claim being brought against you and, providing coverage exists, will indemnify you for your professional errors.

Manu Pro target clients

Widget/component manufacturers
(<$250M sales)

  • Usually simple, highly replicated products 
  • Tend to go into other products or systems (e.g. - nuts, bolts, brackets)

End-product manufacturers
(<$250M sales)

  • Usually low-engineered, replicated products
  • Can be standalone products or component parts (e.g. - pumps, simple machines, fans)

Manu Pro coverage highlights 

We believe today's manufacturing experts need well-rounded coverage to protect themselves from financial loss due to product defects or inefficiencies. With our program, the process is simplified to include built-in ancillary coverage and broad services descriptions. Features include:

  • Broad professional-services definition that includes design, manufacture, installation and training 
  • Built-in coverage for
    • Pollution
    • Media/advertising
    • First and third-party cyber
  • Practice or project/client-specific options available
  • Worldwide territory

Limits, premium and availability

  • Up to $5M limits (primary and excess)
  • $3,500 minimum premium
  • Available in all 50 states

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